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2020 Summer Shipping:

In order to protect your wine, RSV implements an automatic weather hold beginning May 28, 2020. This applies to Ground shipments for ALL states and standard 2-day shipments (without ice packs or cold-chain options) for: AZ, GA, FL, NC, NM, NV, OK, SC, TN, TX.  Shipments are projected to be released based on the following schedule.*

AK: 2Day ONLY, shipping OK
AL: Shipping is Prohibited
AR: Shipping is Prohibited
AZ (Ground & 2Day): 10/26/2020
CA (Ground): 10/5/2020 
CO (Ground): 10/12/2020
CT (Ground): 10/12/2020
DC (Ground): 10/12/2020
DE (Ground): 10/12/2020 on-site only
FL (Ground & 2Day): 10/26/2020
GA (Ground & 2Day): 10/26/2020
HI: 2Day ONLY, shipping OK
IA (Ground): 10/12/2020
ID (Ground): 10/12/2020
IL (Ground): 10/12/2020
IN (Ground): 10/12/2020
KS (Ground): 10/12/2020
KY: Shipping is Prohibited
LA: Shipping is Prohibited
MA (Ground): 10/12/2020
MD (Ground): 10/12/2020
ME (Ground): 10/12/2020
MI (Ground): 10/12/2020
MN (Ground): 10/12/2020
MO (Ground): 10/12/2020
MS: Shipping is Prohibited
MT (Ground): 10/12/2020
NC (Ground & 2Day): 10/19/2020
ND (Ground): 10/12/2020
NE (Ground): 10/12/2020
NH (Ground): 10/12/2020
NJ (Ground): 10/12/2020
NM (Ground & 2Day): 10/19/2020
NV (Ground & 2Day): 10/26/2020
NY (Ground): 10/12/2020
OH (Ground): 10/12/2020
OK (Ground & 2Day): 10/19/2020
OR (Ground): 10/12/2020
PA (Ground): 10/12/2020
RI (Ground): 10/12/2020 on-site only
SC (Ground & 2Day): 10/19/2020
SD: Shipping is Prohibited
TN (Ground & 2Day): 10/19/2020
TX (Ground & 2Day): 10/26/2020
UT: Shipping is Prohibited
VA (Ground): 10/12/2020
VT (Ground): 10/12/2020
WA (Ground): 10/12/2020
WI (Ground): 10/12/2020
WV (Ground): 10/12/2020
WY (Ground): 10/12/2020

*If these dates conflict with your schedule, or if your order needs to arrive by a particular date such as for a gift or prior to travel, please let us know. Please keep in mind that RSV is not responsible for replacing wines that have been affected by extreme temperatures during or after shipment.


Phone: 707.944.9090

During periods of extreme heat or cold at other times of the year, RSV will implement an automatic hold until the weather is more favorable. We will contact you via email in the case of a weather hold.